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Ongeveer 12 jaar geleden kocht ik mijn eerste Nihola Family. Als druk bezette moeder vond ik dit een super veilig alternatief voor de standaard mama-fiets en de auto. Stabiliteit van een driewieler en stuurgemak van een tweewieler. Vanaf dag één was ik verknocht aan mijn Nihola en gebruikte hem elke dag.

Twee jaar geleden heb ik contact gezocht met Daniel Samson, international sales manager van Nihola Denemarken. Samen kwamen we tot de conclusie dat het een geweldige uitdaging zou zijn om Nihola een plek te geven tussen alle andere Nederlandse bakfietsen. Voornamelijk het unieke karakter van de Nihola past zo goed in onze samenleving waar duurzaamheid en veiligheid de toekomst zijn. Het typisch Scandinavisch design is tijdloos, maar desondanks zeker van deze tijd. Mocht je vragen hebben over de aanschaf van een Nihola zowel privé of zakelijk, neem dan contact met ons op.

Nearly 12 years ago I bought my first Nihola Family as a busy mom wheeling around to kids everyday. It was love at first sight and lasts up till today. Nearly 2 years ago I came in contact with Daniel Samson, international sales manager at Nihola Denmark. We came to an agreement to put Nihola on the Dutch market. Therefore this bike is so unique in steering, durability and design but unfortunately relatively unknown. Today I work full time on Nihola with great determination and energy to make this unique bike available to many users and B2B. Please contact me iff you have any questions business wise or customer related.

I thank both Niels Holme Larson and Daniel Samson for a great working relationship.

Met vriendelijke groet / kind regards,

Marijje Rasker

Eigenaar Nihola Nederland


All most 20 years ago I attended a bike exhibition in the heart of Copenhagen. The following day I decided to build a Nihola Bike. First 100 Nihola’s I build by myself. I made the metalwork, hammered in the frame numbers and mounted the bikes. It was great fun making these first 100 bikes. All these bikes are still on the streets. Today we have a modern production in Denmark and export to 36 countries. I am very grateful to have the best employees and the best dealers around the world. Nihola Nederland is owned and managed by Marijje Rasker. It is a great pleasure for all of us in Denmark to know and work together with this hardworking, always positive and strong woman. For Nihola it means a lot to provide a quality product and give the best and understandable after service to our customers. Marijje is known for always walking the extra meter for our costumes with a great passion.

I thank you for your great job and being a part of Nihola and being our representative in Holland.

Med venlig hilsen / Kind regards

Niels Holme Larsen

Owner / Founder / CEO Nihola Bikes

Phone +45 3322 7905 +45 5363 7905

Promovec is a Danish company specialising in designing, developing, producing and distributing e-bikes to companies all over the world. Our customers – besides Nihola – include EVO (CAN and US), Batribike (UK), Pointer (NL), Falter (DE), Granville (BE) and many more. Our vision is to always remain at the forefront of innovative e-bike products and solutions and eco-friendly transportation. We want to impact and effect the challenges facing the world today regarding urbanization, lack of space in modern cities as well as environmental concerns in a positive way. We will fulfill our vision by continuously challenging status quo and raising the bar in the development of e-bikes as well as by delivering excellence in design, production, distribution and after sales service.

Throughout Promovec’s history service has always been one of the major sources for our competitive advantage. With a Promovec system it is easy to shift individual parts and our customers can quickly assemble and service their bikes. Also, we take pride in a fast response time as well as an agile set-up and constantly servicing and advising our customers quickly and in a thorough manner.

Based on more than ten years experience with e-bikes our service concept is tried, tested and continually improved and this is also why we are able to offer 3 year warranty on the engine and 2 years capacity warranty on battery. Our designs are all unique, intuitive and based on a deep insight into the European and Scandinavian commuter bicycle culture as well as developed for the demanding Scandinavian environment. Lastly our designs are all minimal and well thought out. Moreover, we only use premium materials which offer both power, range and enhance the beautiful and pure expressions of our solutions.

The reasons why the Nihola cargo bikes are fitted with the rear wheel engine are many. One reason being that this solution helps to decrease the weight of the system while still maintaining a very powerful motor. Also, this solution has enabled us to make an e-bike with a sleek and modern design which both looks, feels and handles like an ordinary bike as well as it gives an excellent commuter riding experience as the rear wheel motor truly excels when turning a cargo bike in small urban areas. The rear wheel motor also offers an excellent price point and value for money as the technology is simple, reliable and requires very little maintenance. Moreover, compared to a mid-drive motor, the rear wheel solution diminishes wear and tear to the gears whereas a center motor wears extensively on the gears.

When people test drive the cargo bikes from Nihola everyone always respond positively to both the experience vis-a-vis a regular bike as well as compared bicycles fitted with a mid-drive motor.

Jacob Nymann Petersen
Marketing Manager, Promovec
MSc in Strategy and Management and Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (Marketing Management)

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